“Under Silke Z.‘s ruthlessly-analytical eye, cool self-presentations collapse and unveil their wizened nucleus: a few years ago there were the esotericism supporters – addicted to harmony – and the strong martial arts heroes. Today there are the stalkers, the old men who stay eternally young or, in the generation of the over thirty-year-olds, the male mates you call when you need someone to cuddle, who, above all, demonstrate helplessness when facing the big questions of life. In Silke Z.’s productions these zeitgeisty guys are allowed to do what makes most of them loveable in the first place: they fail! In humorous, theatrical scenes and precisely worked choreographies, with a fondness for brute body-checks and dancing stunts, embarrassing situations become all too human. Silke Z. – strong emotions guaranteed. Just right at the bottom line, reality is revealed.” (Nicole Strecker, dance journalist).















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