Success and failures of a dance career.

In SHOW, the award winner solo performer Caroline Simon reveals her professional secrets. Vivid. Truthful. Un-censured. She gives a deep insight in her performance world, her devotion for the arts with all its ups and downs: a fine line between shining moments of success and wearing down failures, leading the artists to and over her own physical and mental limits.

Being a 40 years old performer – at the edge of the end of a „normal“ dance career – Caroline Simon looks back on her artistic repertoire and presents a medley of her heterogeneous performances. She has been declared as charming, humorous and wonderful: the dancer shares excerpts of her long career in the performance art.

In the context of this performance, we invite the renowned dance scientist Dr. Doszmann from the Netherlands for a thematic introduction to the show. In her famous interview series “Dance – sharing fragile moments”- where she meets with international artists - she now will confront Caroline Simon with her extensive career.


Fr. June 30 .and Sat. July 1 (PREMIERE)

Location: Kölner Künstler Theater
8 PM

Premiere: 2017 | 55 min.


Artistic Direction: Silke Z.
in collaboration with the performer: Caroline Simon
Coproduced by: DansBrabant (NL)